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09:01pm 30/09/2004
mood: depressed

I feel so depressed all the time now.=) sometimes i wish i could cry myself to sleep and not wake up. Sometimes wish i could runaway from home but if i did i would be able to see all my friends and my brother i dont wanna run away from him. i love my brother!! can u love ur brother TOO MUCH??? is it possible??=(  i feel sad right now i miss my brother. my eyes are watering right now. me and my brother bonded all this week and now im home and it sux! already. ~crys~  i hete living here i wish i had someon ei could tell  EVERYTHING to.

                      ~Gets off to cry~

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07:03pm 19/09/2004
mood: pissed off

Friends come first Robin!! and tell ur bitch jd that i come to talk to u in the mornings not his dumbass!!!

03:06pm 27/08/2004
mood: irritated

Yay!!!!   im having so much fun yay just sitting here because i dont have a life! yay! fun fun!!!! robin called me from payphone just now and she told me at school JD wasnt going to her house but when she called she kept yelling in my ear QUIT!!!! ans she goes tell him to quit and i herd JD's voice plus he kept pushing fuckin buttons after i told him to fuckin quit like 8 fuckin tymes. but yea she lie to me!so im irritated yeah!

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Mike Jones!!   
10:21pm 20/08/2004
mood: flirty

Today i had a boring ass day in school of corse and rode then YAY!!!...........ummmm.........  we ate FOOD!!!! YAY!! and tuz its hen we came to me casa because mines BETTER!!!!  NOT!!    got ready to go to the bowling ally in baggy clothes and erthing!!  went to brothers house got mike jones cd!! and wished david(chicken boy) happy birthday!!! YAY!!! and it was my brothers clothes that me and robin was wearing and it was wierd cuz  he saw us wearing his clothes to  the bowling ally! CAME 2 ME CASA again!!   And here we are!!


11:24pm 28/07/2004
mood: dorky
[ Current Clothes ]A jersey and PJ pants.
[ Current Mood ] blank
[ Current Music ] None.
[ Current Taste ] Cake
[ Current Hair ] curly and up
[ Current Annoyance ] Bump on my stomach
[ Current Smell ] Addidas
[ Current Band ] 3days Grace
[ Current Book you're reading] None.
[ Current CD in CD Player] Yellow Card
[ Current DVD in player] IT
[ Current Worry ] My brother
[ You (Last) Touched ] paint
[ You (Last) Talked to ] Robin
[ You (Last) Hugged ] Robin
[ You (Last) Instant messaged ] D.C
[ You (Last) Yelled At ] Robin's dog
[ You (Last) Kissed ] Ray
[ In the morning I am ] Sleepy
[ All I need is ] People to talk 2
[ Love is ] GAY!
[ I'm afraid of ] crawling through a tunnel and not being able to move.
[ I dream about ] scary things.
[ Sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you? ] Yeah
[ Save AOL/AIM conversations ] Nope.
[ Wish you were a member of the opposite sex ] No.
[ Cried because of someone saying something to you ]Yea
[ Fallen for your best friend ] Yeah.
[ Been rejected ] No.
[ Rejected someone ] Yes.
[ Used someone ]No.
[ Been cheated on ] No.
[ Done something you regret ] Yeah.
[# Of hearts I have broken? ]Dont think any.
[# Of continents I have lived in? ] Just one.
[# Of drugs taken illegally? ] 3
[# Of good friends? ] Robin,Tim,Judson,Jose and Enrique.
[# Of CDs that I own? ] Alot
[# Of scars on my body? ] Many
[# Of things in my past that I regret? ] Alot.
[I KNOW:] im funny
[I WANT:] money!
[I WISH:] I had MONEY!
[I HATE:] People WIth MONEY!
[I MISS:] MONEy .....?
[I FEAR:] losing all my frineds ..... who have MONEY!
[I HEAR:] The fan blowing.
[I SEARCH:] The internet.
[I WONDER:] if i connected all Robin's freckles what it would be .... *wonders*
[I REGRET:] giving my phone number to random people.
[I LOVE:] to make fun.
[I AM NOT:] Who u think i am.
[I DANCE:] The kumbia!cha cha cha!
[I SING:] Alot.
[I CRY:] Alot.
[I FIGHT:] good
[I WRITE:] sloppy
[I CONFUSE:] yea i confuse my self ..... and others.
[I LISTEN:] badly.
I have Been Drunk
I Have Smoked Pot
I Have Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex
I Have Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
I Never Crashed A Friend's Car
I Never Have Been To Japan
I Never Rode In A Taxi
I Never Had Anal Sex
I Never Been In Love
I Never Have Had Sex In Public
I Have Been Dumped
I Never Done Cocaine
I Have Shoplifted
I Never Have Been Fired
I Never Been In A Fist Fight
I Never Had group intercourse
I Have Snuck Out Of My Parent's House
I Never Have Been Tied Up
I Never Have Been Caught Masturbating
I Have Pissed On Myself (it was a young age)
I Never Had Sex With A Member Of The Same Sex
I Never Been Arrested
I Have Made Out With A Stranger ( 4th of july)
I Never Stole Something From My Job
I Never Celebrated New Years In Time Square
I Never Went On A Blind Date
I Have Lied To A Friend
I Never Had A Crush On A Teacher
I Never Celebrated Mardi-Gras In New Orleans
I Never Been To Europe
I Never Skipped School
I Never Slept With A Co-Worker
I Have Cut Myself On Purpose
I Never Had Sex At The Office
I Never Have Been Married
I Never Have Been Divorced
I Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same Week
I Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same night
I Never Have Posed Nude
I Never Got Someone Drunk Just To Have Sex With Them
I Never Have Killed Anyone
I Never Received Scars From My Sex Partner
I Never Thrown Up In A Bar
I Never Purposely Set A Part Of Myself On Fire
I Have Never Eaten Sushi
I Have Never Been Snowboarding
I Have Never Had Sex At A Friend's House While They Were Throwing A Party
I Have Never Had Sex In A Dressing Room
I Never Flashed Anyone
I Have Never Hooked Up with a Friend's Sibling
I Have Purchased Pornography
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10:32pm 28/07/2004
mood: uncomfortable

Today, uhh i woke up. Went home. Snuck in the back door. went to Robin's and painted on her walls. Its funny .. looking.And we ate some really good cake that robin didnt make! thank god! ok thats about it.

july 17 2004   
10:36pm 18/07/2004
mood: amused

yesturday i had to babysit my little cuzin thomas shane davila 5months old. he's a handful. hes a good baby most of the time except for when he's hungry.hehehehe:)got $25.00 it was kool he sleeps most of the time. thats  good..................umm.........i went to my cuzin latoya's birthday party and after that i stayed the night at my uncles house it was funny as hell because my uncles girlfriend and him were arguing and the cops came over and had to straighten things out but it didnt work . but they were giving me strawberry daquiri's they were buzzing big time.but she yelled at the baby "SHUT UP"............"PLEASE" and then they were yelling at each other and she was on the phone with my uncle. me and beau were there where she was and she called my uncle a fuckin wetback OMG i was right behind her when she said that man i wanted to punched her in her fuckin head!beau knows i wanted to bad!

right now im chillen and talkin on the phone!!!

but yea to this hot ass guy!!and his cuzin!


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10:05pm 15/07/2004
mood: spastic

ME and robin went to the mall with her family and then went out to eat. fun fun! .... thats about it


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12:55am 19/06/2004
mood: exhausted

Well........robin stayed the night AGAIN!! I JUST CANT GET RID OF HER!! j/p anyways last nite me robin and my mom were up late playing with make-up i was being so retarded putting on BRIGHT RED lip stick and old granny colors and all!! it was fun i should have tooken pictures but stupid me i forget this stuff!! but her mom came and got her at about 10:30am or so around there of course we were still sleeping like always!! and then my phone kept ringing and wakeing us up!!!mADE ME VERY ANGRY!! but then i finally woke up about 1:30pm or 2:00pm i dont know actually but it was around there and i stayed in my p.j.'s for a long time, took a shower. straightened my hair AGAIN! watched videos, talked on the phone, watched degrassi, went to peepaw's house and thats where i am now!! so yea a long Day!

10:06pm 13/06/2004
mood: calm

umm .... i went to camp and now im back it was fun met alot of H0T guys yup yup. Robin spent the night at my house. and she made this funny noise when she was sleeping like she was smacking food....(i wonder if she drooled on my pillow) ewww .... today we went to my brothers. We we umm ..."had fun" (high) uhh ..umm uhh we drove around.And we watched alot of funny movies.We ate at Yack in a Box and gotta Yumbo Yack mmmmmmmmm......... it twas good.oh yea at camp this guy got up on stage and started singing this song from little mermaid the part when there fixing to cook the crab ... it was funny. And we had a concert there they were called Unbound and it was cool. I got a  shirt and a sticker. They rocked. uhh.... im at Robins house right now and shes typing this for me and shes tha best tha greatest in tha world ...... no she stinks .... no i dont! ooh sorry got cot up in the conversation. WOOHA that was a big word!!thats enough

09:46pm 01/06/2004
mood: scared
OMG man its storming so bad right now!!! the hail over here is like golf balls fo reals though im scared (-!-) i think im gonna cry to my mommy!!! "no im not im just kidding"(talking paki)heheheI'm watching dave chapelle its so hillarious!!but yea i g2 eat so i'll halla atchall lata!!!im out!
01:48am 31/05/2004
mood: tired
I finally figured out how to do this stupid ass picture shit since im new and all!!! hey robin how do u get to where justin and jessica can reAD mine too cuz i added them but the cant read mine so....??? how do i do it? well im at meem's and peeps now sucks to be you cuz ur grounded and all but tell me when your not grounded ok so u can come over peepaws house an go to tim......i mean somewhere!!! hehe but yea call me when u can!! Im out BIIAATTCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So Drunk!!!!   
08:08pm 24/05/2004
Saturday, May 22, 2004, me, robin, judson, and jose all went to evangelena hernandez's quencenedia, it was boring at first and then my mom called and wanted to come but you had to get a ticket to come. so she was like try to find me one and i was lie ok it might be cool to have my mom here.BUT, I was SOOOOOOOO wrong!!! she found out that we were gonna drink and she got so pissed off at me. I was like OMG mom im just being honest you know? and she was like uh huh! man i got so mad too, because she was getting mad at me for some dumb shit!! She got so mad she was like give me the keys im leaving and i had no idea she was mad at me at the time, so i was like what happened she was like nothin but i was like why r u leaving?? she wouldnt answer and then we started yelling at each other and then the next thing she's gone!!! but i didnt kare i went in there and started drinkin and got my mind off of it, it worked too!! But man then my mom called and she was like what r yall doing? i was like nothing and she was like uh huh....... then she was like let me come get u and i was like no man im having fun we are actually dancing she goes sure...... i was like man dont even!! but im not going home u let me come so im goin! she got even madder! i didnt kare i hung up kept dancing and kept drinking and we were supposed to go back to robins house at 11:30 but we ended getting there at about 1:30 or 2:00 and her mom didnt even kare. her mom was like are yall drunk we were like NOOO!!!(sarcastik) and her mom was like have yall been drinking we were like nooo!!!(sarkasikly) her mom laughed and said i think im drunk!!we busted out laughing!!! me robin and judson were drunk off oour ass!! it was so funny and today we were all talking about what we remember and if we had a hangover and all this sahit but i didnt judson did i dont know about robin!! but it was the funnest weekend ive had in tha longest time and it wasnt just saturday that was fun either it was friday while i was at my brothers and david(chicken boy)was over there but i dont have the time to tell about that!!
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